Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli

MBBS/BMedSc MBiostat MPhil


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Medical Statistician for Science & Social Innovation, +61422895837 Sydney, Australia

4 years of research experience in biostatistics.

4 years experience in clinical medicine and psychiatry

15 publications as the Statistical Author, 300 citations, 18.26 Research Gate Score             [12 on PubMed]

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Masters of Biostatistics: 

Monash University+ Continuous Professional Development,2007 to 2008


Biostatistical methods: 

Generalised Linear Models, Survival Analysis, Longitudinal and Correlated Data (including multi-level modelling), Advanced R, Stata, Meta-regression, Study Design, Sample Size Calculation

Causal Inference: 

Directed Acyclic Graphs, Propensity Scores, Inverse Probability Treatment Weights, Regression Discontinuity, Differences in Differences, Instrumental Variables, Mendelian Randomisation

Machine Learning: 

K-Means, Longitudinal K-Means. Supported Vector Machines, k-nearest neighbours, decision trees, random forests, supervised and unsupervised statistical learning


First-year Maths/Stats| Third Year Logic/Stats| Probability and Statistical Inference |Design of Clinical Trials| Pharmacoepidemiology| Advanced Epidemiology| Linear and Generalised Linear Models| Survival Analysis| Longitudinal Data Analysis | Data Linkage/Data Privacy | Spatiotemporal Statistics | Variable Selection


Public Health Medicine Training,

Australian Faculty of Public Health Medicine, 2014 to 2019



 Rural and Indigenous Health, HIV, Pharmacoepidemiology (TGA), Public Health Unit (Communicable Disease and Environmental Health), Childhood Disability.


Environmental Health Risk Assessments | Framing Indigenous Health| Health Promotion| Health Policy| Epidemiology and Control of Communicable Disease| Qualitative Research Methods| Environmental Health Risk Assessments | Introduction to teaching and supervision


National Rural Health (Oral) | Asia Pacific Heart Failure (2 Posters) 2008 | RACP 2016 (Oral: Gerry Murphy Prize) |Australian Public Health 2019 (Oral)



Epidemiology, University of Sydney, NHMRC CTC, September 2011



First-class Honours in Biostatistics, University of Melbourne, 2010